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September 6, 2022


More intuitive configuration so your supervisors and admins can focus on making a difference

petrol icon phone chat emailWith b+s Connects for Salesforce 5.7, we’ve focused on some oft-requested administrative updates that have made the configuration interface easier to navigate, search, and edit. And for those new to b+s Connects, we’ve launched an in-app guidance pilot to help you get your configuration right, right from the start.

Less time spent on configuration and more time helping their teams run a tight ship.

What else is new?

  • VPN-less Finesse is now supported in CCX environments, making connecting to Cisco Contact Center simpler than ever for quicker start-up and greater connection reliability.
  • Wrap-up reasons are now available for non-voice tasks routed through Cisco UQ, giving you greater context and reporting capabilities over all your omnichannel interactions.petrol icon hand holding a check badge
  • A new “Download Log File” button in-gadget means less back-and-forth with our customer success team and quicker issue resolution when things go awry.

You’ll find the rest of 5.7’s latest features and fixes in the changelog via the b+s Hub.

Out with the old…

b+s Connects Lifecycle Information
In the following 12 months, these versions of b+s Connects will move to end of life:

  • b+s Connects for Salesforce 5.1: October 9, 2022
  • b+s Connects for Salesforce 5.2 (patch): October 9, 2022
  • b+s Connects for Salesforce 5.3: February 26, 2023

If you’d like to contact us about upgrading your version of b+s Connects, please open a case in the b+s Hub.

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