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Are you concerned about migrating your contact center software to the cloud? With Bucher + Suter, you have found a neutral and competent partner for the question "Cloud or not to Cloud". We offer our smart omni channel contact center solutions on-premise, hybrid or as a cloud service. In order to take into account the entire corporate communication, we also have a stable and sophisticated cloud solution for unified communications UCaaS. Learn more here. 

Discover the various cloud models from the portfolio of Cisco and Bucher + Suter. We will show different architecture options for existing Cisco UCCE/PCCE customers and how they can move into the cloud at their own pace.

Flexible architectures and licensing models

"To cloud or not to cloud?"

With the flexible Cisco Contact Center architecture, you benefit from uniform functions, tools and interfaces - regardless of whether you implement the solution on-site in your own data center, in our secure cloud environment or in a mixed hybrid architecture. The operating model can be changed for individual countries at any time later on without your employees even noticing... A real advantage when choosing technology today, if you want your solution to meet your operational requirements in a few years' time!

The same applies to the licensing model: With Cisco Flex Licensing, you benefit from the option to switch between different operating models at any time. For example, if you start with technology in your own data center today, you can switch flexibly to different Cisco cloud models at any time - and vice versa.



We operate the cloud in high-security data centers that are optimized for highly available business applications. Optionally, we operate not only the contact center system, but also the UC/telephone system and the necessary voice gateways in our cloud.



Global IT architectures are often complex: Decide with us together -  even deviating for special countries - when and which elements of your contact center system can be moved to the cloud and which will continue to run in your data centers. Optionally also managed by our experts.



The majority of Cisco's 30,000 contact center customers continue to operate the systems locally. And for many customers, there are still good reasons to have their own data center. Even in a self-managed system, you can benefit from the operating, configuration and support tools that make it easier for our customers to work in the cloud.

«At Cisco, we're cloud first, but not cloud only. Today, most of our 30,000 contact center customers are running on-premise solutions. But in most of our current projects, customers and prospects do discuss cloud and hybrid deployments with us in preparation for their future requirements. We're glad to have Bucher + Suter with their wealth of experience to assist our customers in Europe in finding their own path and pace to the cloud. With their expertise they are a great partner to implement and operate any possible deployment model based on Cisco's award-winning contact center technology.»

Amy Chang, Senior Vice Presidnet of Cisco‘s Collaboration Technology Group
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Focus on real innovation with our Cloud Contact Center

Free yourself from the burden of your own IT operations. Dedicate yourself entirely to further developing your services, introducing new contact channels and services and optimizing your customer contact strategy. Benefit from stable and secure platform operation including all maintenance work with automatic updates and upgrades in our cloud operating environment.

Webex Contact Center Solutions

The Cisco Webex Contact Center offers your company the innovation, flexibility, and agility of the cloud with the security and global scalability you have come to expect from Cisco.

Cisco Webex Contact Center Enterprise offers a comprehensive, customizable, highly secure cloud solution that meets the complex requirements of the world's largest contact centers. It is extensible through open APIs and add-on options and is backed by Cisco's renowned security and support. Webex Contact Center Enterprise opens a path into the cloud for even the most business critical contact centers.

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Your own path and pace to the cloud with Cisco Contact Center, Axel Gibmeier

Explore the different cloud options from the Cisco and Bucher + Suter portfolio. Discover different architecture options for existing Cisco UCCE/PCCE customers for your own path and pace to the cloud. Webex Contact Center, Webex Contact Center Enterprise and b+s Cloud Services.

With the cloud consulting center, we have significantly increased our agility and flexibility.

Curdin Schenkel, Leader Workplace & Inftrastructure, TKB (2017)

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