About Bucher + Suter

Believe it or not, Bucher + Suter was originally a robotics company. That was about 30 years ago - around the same time the floppy disk came out! A lot has happened since then. Eventually acquired by the Noser Group, we started implementing and supporting the Cisco suite of contact center products as well as developing our own add-on contact center solutions.

Soon afterward, we became an international player in the Cisco Contact Center market. As we expanded to Germany, and then to the United States, the range of products and services we offered steadily increased. Today we are recognized as one of Cisco’s premier partners, and have won a ton of awards for those high-quality products and services.

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100% Cisco focused

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160+ employees

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40+ years in business with Cisco

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400+ happy customers

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60+ countries worldwide

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130'000+ CC licenses under maintenance


Our working environment

As a company, we have a wide range of knowledge, which we actively share amongst our colleagues.

The atmosphere at Bucher + Suter is familial. The company culture and structure promoted by everyone at Bucher + Suter attests to this. Everyone has their part to play and there is clear, open, and uncomplicated communication for every employee to every employee from all over the world. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Our values

We believe in a balance between work, family and leisure, in the abilities of our employees and in their happiness. Bucher + Suter is open to flexible working models which in turn has been found to promote a high level of employee motivation and a strong identification with the company. The very contemporary working environment is also characterized by ultra-modern means of communication to bridge distances and conduct international business.

Bucher + Suter Management

2019 Martin Wüthrich

Martin Wüthrich started at b+s in 1996 as a software development engineer. He knows Cisco's ICM/UCC inside and out and has built a close working relationship with Cisco's Customer Contact Business Unit. He holds a Degree in Engineering and Information Technology from the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

2019 Jürgen Schick

Jürgen Schick joined Bucher + Suter in 2005. Previously, he worked for Cisco as an IP Contact Center Solutions Product Manager in EMEA. Prior to joining Cisco, Jürgen also worked for Geotel, where he helped pioneer the concept of virtual call centers, and IP contact centers in Europe. Jürgen has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and call center industry. He holds an M.A. in Economics from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt.

2019 Stefan Pfammatter

Stefan Pfammatter joined Bucher + Suter in 1996 as a software development engineer. He has been in charge of b+s product development since 2004 and works closely with Cisco Systems to ensure roadmap and strategy alignment. Stefan Pfammatter holds a degree in Engineering and Information Technology from Bern University of Applied Sciences and has completed specialized training in the fields of VoIP and Unified Communications.

2019 Dionys Henzen

Dionys Henzen joined Bucher + Suter in 2003. His many years of experience as an entrepreneur were put to good use in setting up the customer support department, which was established in 2004. Innovative ideas, process controlled workflows, and state-of-the-art technology integration enable b+s to offer TQMi-certified trilingual customer support 24/7, 365 days a year. Dionys Henzen holds a University of Applied Sciences degree in Computer Engineering & Telecommunications and has in-depth knowledge in quality management, telephony, networks, and contact center technology.

2019 Mike Kulik

Michael S. Kulik joined Bucher + Suter in 2008 as the Director of Business Development. Before working for b+s, he was a Product Manager for seven years in Cisco Systems' Customer Contact Business Unit. Michael managed Cisco's Contact Center Enterprise and Intelligent Contact Manager solutions while also being closely involved in sales and partner activities. Before working for Cisco, he served as the Chief Network Engineer for customer contact at Fidelity Investments in Massachusetts. Michael's extensive experience in telephony systems and Cisco's contact center products is one of the reasons he is a key member of the Bucher + Suter team.

Bucher + Suter is part of the Noser Group

Becoming a member of the Noser Group in 1995 made it possible for Bucher + Suter to position itself internationally. The companies within this conglomerate enjoy financial and entrepreneurial freedom, but centralize administrative tasks in order to streamline infrastructure and workflow.

Logo Akros

Individual and integration solutions in the field of service oriented architectures (SOA).

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Logo Frox

Business Process Management & Unified Communication Solutions.

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Logo Noser Engineering

Software for IT, telecommunication and industrial applications.

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Noser Bulgaria

Noser Bulgaria
Logo NYP

Competence center for hands-on vocational training in technology related fields.

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Logo Danexis

Projects and solutions in the field of media.

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2021 - 40 years Bucher + Suter!
We are very proud to commemorate Bucher + Suter's 40th anniversary this year! Through the ups and downs of the company’s lifespan, we have grown into the international company that today helps bring the best out of contact centers. A big thank you to our employees, partners and customers!

2019 - We win another two awards
The Cisco Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year Award in Collaboration and the Salesforce FY19 ISV Trailblazer Award.

2018 - We win two major awards
The Salesforce Trust Award, which is one of four prestigious awards, Salesforce honors companies that reflect their four core values: Trust, Innovation, Growth, and Equality.  

2. The Largest & Fastest Growing Sol+ Partner Award, which we won for consistent dedication to developing Cisco products and cultivating relationships with partners.

2017 - Cloud and Managed Service Partner of the Year
Bucher + Suter announces that it is the recipient of a Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award for Cloud and Managed Service Partner of the Year. Cisco unveiled the winners during its annual partner conference taking place in Dallas, Texas.

2016 - Cloud Services in EMEAR
In 2016 Bucher + Suter launches its innovative, scalable, and secure contact center solutions in a cloud-hosted model (HCS), leveraging the latest in technology and customer experience best practices. b+s is awarded for Best Customer Care in EMEAR and its recent Cisco Master Service Provider certification exemplifies the long standing and extremely constructive collaboration with Cisco.

2015 - Leading Provider
2015 Bucher + Suter's mission continues to be the leading provider of Cisco Contact Center solutions and services worldwide. As a rapidly growing company with employees across Europe and the US, we are achieving that vision.

2014 - 10 Year Support Celebration
2014 Bucher + Suter celebrated its 10th year of providing customer support, and, Herbert Ender—CEO of Akros—becomes President of its board.

2013 - Entering US Market
In October of 2013 b+s opens its branch office in Boston, Massachusetts.

2011 - 30 Years b+s Celebration
In 2011 b+s celebrated its 30-years anniversary with customer events, innovation forums, and a European product roadshow.

2008 - Switzerland & Germany Merged
In 2008, b+s Switzerland and b+s Germany merged.

2007 - New CEO
In May of 2007, Martin Wuethrich assumes the role of CEO. 

2006 - New Market in Middle East
In 2006, Andreas Stuber took over Expertflow, a Dubai-based company. As an independent partner company, Expertflow now focuses on addressing emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa.

2006 - Management Change
In 2006, after 25 years as CEO, Daniel Suter became Bucher + Suter’s board chair, and passed management responsibilities to Andreas Stuber (CEO) and Martin Wüthrich (COO).

2005 - Softlink became Frox
Between 2004 and 2005 Bucher + Suter acquired Softlink and its product TOMAS. With the acquisition of the Sigma Product offering from Sunrise TDC Switzerland (formerly Ascom Network Integration), this business line became so substantial that it was turned into its own company: Frox

2000 - Entering German Market
In 2000, Bucher + Suter set up a wholly owned but legally independent subsidiary in Germany, in order to be able more effectively to serve EU customers. 

1995 - Noser Group
In 1995, the company was acquired by the Noser Group: This change made it possible for the company to position itself internationally, and eventually to begin implementing, reselling, and supporting Cisco’s contact center suite of products as well as its own add-on solutions.

1981 - Founded
Founded in 1981 by Daniel Suter, Matthias Bucher, Hansruedi Scheidegger and Hans Hönger, Bucher + Suter was originally focused on Robotics and Software Engineering.