b+s Connects for Salesforce

The b+s Connects for Salesforce adapter provides the right information, right away so agents can immediately start helping customers rather than wasting time gathering information they should already have at their fingertips.

Integrate Cisco CCE/CCX and Salesforce CRM with a simple, powerful CTI & Omni-Channel adapter, seamlessly embedded in the Salesforce GUI, that puts interaction control in agents’ hands.


b+s Connects is compatible with Salesforce's Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, and Government Cloud.

An Homage to Simplicity

The Setup

Not even close to rocket science: we promise

  • No on-premise software installation required 
  • Lightning setup flow - basic installation done in 5 minutes
  • From installation through post-production, our end-to-end Cisco contact center expertise means it’s done right

Here's what our customers say in Salesforce AppExchange

Connects makes CRM integrations possible in minutes, not years, allowing businesses to create efficient agent workflows and quickly deliver a better overall experience to their end customers. Agents can continue to live in the CRM they already know and love, while enhancing it with an enterprise-class Contact Center routing engine, without requiring significant time off-queue for training.

Salesforce AppExchange review

Bucher + Suter has truly been one of the most impressive and innovative tools that we've integrated in our Salesforce environment. It's really the most superior in CTI and with their latest update, there is so much growth for your end-users, along with Admins. It has such a sleek and simple UI, along with their new record-style integration settings - they just get better!

Salesforce AppExchange review

Feature Set

  • Agent state control
  • Call control
  • Call detail logged inside of Salesforce
  • Note taking in gadget
  • Auto wrap-up and wrap-up with reason
  • Click-to-dial phone numbers in Salesforce records
  • Screen pop on transfer
  • Agent to agent record sharing
  • Speed-dial buttons
  • Search and dial from inside the gadget
  • Configurable toolbars inside the gadget provide additional functionality (e.g. call recording)
  • Real-time display based on Finesse real-time data
  • Supervisor controls & views
  • Supervisor Team Messages
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Support for Cisco Outbound Option
  • Support for Cisco Mobile Agent
  • Support for Salesforce High Velocity Sales
  • Utilize Cisco’s Contact Center Enterprise to route any Salesforce digital channel
  • Share agent states between Salesforce and Cisco
  • Unified Cisco reporting for all interactions
  • Manage multiple, simultaneous digital interactions



Demo (CCE)
Demo (CCX)
Cisco CTI with b+s Connects

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