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September 23, 2021


We’re sponsoring Dreamforce 2021. Find our introduction to b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice in the Salesforce+ on-demand library and register for our post-event webinar!

Bucher + Suter at Virtual Dreamforce 2021

Seen our Salesforce+ video at Dreamforce? Something still tickling your brain? Need more information? We hosted a webinar on Thursday, October 7th, so we could impart information and gather feedback on the future of b+s Connects for SCV. We had a live demo, and showed exactly what’s coming up in the forthcoming releases.

Watch on demand now!

September 21 – 23, 2021, virtual

Dreamforce is back, and Bucher + Suter are delighted to be partaking! While current events continue to prevent us from attending in person, we are sponsoring Dreamforce this year, in a limited capacity.

Salesforce are a significant strategic partner for Bucher + Suter, and as we continue to invest heavily in our relationship and our products for the Salesforce platform, we felt it only right to use Dreamforce as an opportunity to showcase the latest product in our innovative portfolio.

You’ll find Bucher + Suter’s introduction to b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice in the Salesforce+ VOD library.

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