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March 11, 2024


Charles Darwin uncovered an interesting truth during his exploration of the world:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

And that’s what customer service is currently all about: adapting the old contact center telephony and processes to the changing world of automation and AI. To effectively relieve the pressure on agents while providing better, more human service 24/7.

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We can get it done! We have been adapting contact centers to the latest technical conditions and customer requirements for 25 years. We have been working for years with leading AI solutions that have proven themselves internationally. Our expert knowledge of voice & AI is in demand at trade fairs, conferences, and in the media …

The focus of experts

The focus of experts

Discover more about successful transformation with AI in practice by reading the cover story of the latest TeleTalk (german). Jürgen Schick, CSO of Bucher + Suter, and Philipp Heltewig, CEO of our close partner Cognigy, explain in the major contact center trade magazine how the combination of voice and AI significantly relieves the burden on service centers.

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In the TeleTalk market guide (german), we share how contact centers can combine the customer data and AI power of Salesforce GPT Clouds with the security and contact center strengths of Cisco Webex Contact Center.

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Discover the latest practical tips magazine from aixvox, in which Bucher + Suter offers exciting insights into the world of artificial intelligence from a customer perspective. Find out how the use of AI can revolutionize the customer experience, what makes a high-quality bot interaction and why user-friendliness is the key to success.

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In this interview (german), Jürgen Schick, CSO at Bucher + Suter and Detlev Artelt, CEO at aixvox, talk about the value of AI in customer service. Discover how companies are automating repetitive tasks to deploy service staff more effectively and revolutionize customer communication. A must for anyone who wants to be one step ahead in customer care.



In the Swiss CMM360 (german), we talk about our experiences from what is probably the largest contact center conversational AI project. We now automate 15 million customer dialogs per year in 17 countries for a customer using voice-bots and were able to reduce the average handle time (AHT) by 27%.

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How versatile are you or would you like to be? Let’s talk about it …

Your personal consultant

Your personal consultant

Bruno Grünig | Strategic Sales Lead



We have headquarters in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA and are one of the leading partners of Cisco, Salesforce, and Cognigy. We offer one of the most experienced and largest conversational AI teams, 120 contact center specialists, and 24/7 support in German and English.

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