Smart Omni-Channel Contact Center Integrations

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Nov 19, 2020 | The Squaire, Frankfurt Airport

This year, the Customer Digital Experience Day will take place at the best connected location in Europe. In a conference room surrounded by the cosy ambience of the atrium, we will take a closer look at the future of smart omnichannel contact center integrations. We let trends run through the quality sieve and filter out real innovations. Experience the combined power of Cisco and Google AI live in action. We'll take a close look at the future of smart omnichannel contact center solutions.

Main topics are: #GoogleAI #ConversionalIVR #KI-Bots #Transcript #Translation #Cobrowse #Analytics #Finesse/CCE #ECE #CloudContactCenter #WebexCC #AgentDesktopStrategie

Let's tackle it together! We are looking forward to your registration!

The Squaire Frankfurt Flughafen Customer Digital Experience Day

Information about the event location

Due to its location at the most accessible location in Europe, its impressive architecture, and its unique usage concept of NEW WORK CITY, THE SQUAIRE is perfect for events, conferences, networking and communication.

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