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June 23, 2021


Bridging the gap between Cisco Contact Center and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Close your eyes (metaphorically, because you have to keep reading).

Imagine a world where contact center agents and customers consistently have a shared understanding, where agents can show genuine empathy based on a complete view of the customer’s situation.

The agent knows the entire journey. The customer recognizes they’re important.

There’s no missing the point because everything that the agent needs to know, they already do. Intelligent AI features guide the agent to ensure a successful interaction and a satisfied customer. The system continuously learns about the company relationships and interactions and adapts to change to help the agents deliver extraordinary experiences.

Open your eyes, and let us show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!

The time to start leveraging your Cisco Contact Center data inside Salesforce to better understand your customers is here. The future of intelligent, effective, highly efficient contact centers is within reach.

With b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice, the gap between Cisco Contact Center and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is bridged. Efficient, tailored, AI-supported customer experiences that reflect your company values and promote customer-focus in your agent teams is available now.


If you need more insight about the contact center future that Connects and Service Cloud Voice are helping to shape, you’re going to want to read our interview with Salesforce Director of Product Management, Tony Flores. You can also check out the official Salesforce blog for their take on everything SCV for Partner Telephony.

Alternatively, If you’re a journalist, a robot, or just need a nap, you’re going to want to glance at our press release. Or for something more nitty-gritty, see our handy b+s Connects for SCV fact sheet. And as always, reach out to us at any time.

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