b+s Supervisor Management Console (SMC)

Optimized contact centers mean happy customers and higher profits. With intuitively presented data, even non-technical supervisors can optimize contact center performance. This slick software makes it a breeze to use SMC to manage things like routing adjustments, hours of operation, announcements, and agent re-skilling.

Icon Tailored to Contact Center

Tailored to contact center supervisor needs

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Intuitive layout helps prevent configuration errors

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Highly scalable from small to enterprise class businesses

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Optimize on-the-fly with Real-time configuration

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Multi-tenant capability with a slick authorization concept

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Configurable time-zones for decentralized contact centers

One Tool to do More

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On the fly routing

Supervisors can control CCE call flow behavior via buttons without manipulating scripts for things like: directing calls to overflow groups, transferring emergency calls and configuring queue overflow times.

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Announcements simplified

Allows administrators and supervisors to insert time-controlled activation or deactivation of announcements at points in a call flow. Announcements can be recorded ad hoc or via TTS.

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Manage business hours

Allows administrators and supervisors to create, edit, and delete holiday and contact center schedules for each department, group or division. 

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Reskill multiple agents at once

Make it possible for supervisors to do things like filter agents, attributes, skill groups, agent teams, and change assignments all within a single intuitive interface.

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Set up Inbound campaigns

Supervisors can manage campaign data independently and in a user-friendly way without being required to implement additional configuration in the Call Manager.

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Direct services from the Cockpit

The intuitive Cockpit navigation makes it possible for supervisors to instantly view all available services and to quickly make changes to workflow and configuration. 

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Organize your on-call duty teams

Allows administrators to deploy and manage small, mobile on-call groups without those groups being required to connect as UCCE agents.

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Service point dispatcher

Set up company-wide hotline numbers for internal and external use. This module forwards the callers to the appropriate agents based on clients’ phone numbers.

Available Packages


Must-have features for every Contact Center

  • Cockpit
  • Manage Business Hours
  • Assignment of Skills / Attributes
  • Switches
  • Basic Authorization Concept
  • Preconfigured Deployment
  • Audit Log 

State-of-the-art Contact Center management tools

  • All Starter Edition features
  • Management of Announcements
  • Recording of Announcements
  • Multilingual Announcements
  • On-Call Duty

Unlimited power for supervisors and CC administrators

  • All Professional Edition Features
  • Timezone Support
  • Inbound Campaigns



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