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This spring, we’ve made the digital channels sing

The purpose of our forthcoming events is to inspire you towards customer experience excellence. To that end, we’ll present you with a wide range of topics around CX, hybrid work, and analytics in the service center.

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Webex CX Event Bern Agenda English


All German presentations will be simultaneously translated to English during the Webinar

  • The voice of the customer. Tesco Bank shares their experience with Webex Connect (previously imi mobile).
  • The voice from the market. A mindful address about the pitfalls of a digitalised world with industry expert Meike Tarabori from the trade magazine CMM360, the manufacturer Cisco and the integrator Bucher + Suter.
  • A critical question: How does Cisco Webex ensure privacy and data security?
  • In addition, you can expect exciting use cases and live demos on the entire Webex portfolio as well as 1:1 conversations with experts, food and drinks.

What is Webex CX?

The Webex Customer Experience portfolio includes solutions for collaboration, contact center, AI, and digital channels such as SMS, chat, email, and messenger.

Webex Connect is a digital channel orchestration platform, and is compatible with all collaboration systems. The implementation does not require high investment costs, and billing is based on consumption. The path to exceedingly good automated communication is free of hurdles!

The voice of the customer: TESCO Bank talks about its experience with Webex Connect

Webex’s hotline for medical care in Ukraine

Demo: Webex Connect Use Cases

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