SAP and SAP C4C Integration

363SAP and SAP C4C Integration SAP and SAP C4C Integration

Customer service interactions with b+s Connects

b+s Connects gives contact center agents the functions they need to deliver speedy, meaningful, and personalized customer service inside their SAP CRM or SAP C4C interface.


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b+s Connects - delivering better customer experiences

b+s Connects – delivering better customer experiences

Discover why hundreds of contact centers trust Bucher + Suter products to help their agents deliver outstanding customer service.

Agents view within SAP CRM

Incoming call with screen pop and click-to-dial
Warm Transfer
Email interactions
Chat handling

The agent’s view: A single, simple agent UI, so your agent’s can focus on their highest priority: your customers!

within SAP C4C

Agent state control
Matched contact with screen-pop
Quick actions
Queue view

Voice Features

Voice Features

  • Agent voice state control
  • Call control
  • Direct / consultative transfer and conference with call attached data for screen pops
  • Call detail logged inside of SAP/C4C
  • Optional / auto wrap up and wrap up with reason
  • Click to dial phone numbers in SAP/C4C records
  • Support for Cisco Outbound Option
  • Support for Cisco Mobile Agent
Omnichannel Features

Omnichannel Features

  • Agent chat and email state control
  • Utilize Cisco’s Contact Center to route emails, tasks and chats
  • Unified Cisco reporting for multichannel interactions
  • Multichannel interactions control
  • Multisession interaction handling
  • Reroute multichannel interactions with screen pop


Please note omnichannel features are currently only available with b+s Connects for SAP CRM.



  • b+s Connects for SAP demo

  • b+s Connects for SAP C4C demo

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