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At Bucher + Suter, we bring a Swiss commitment to excellence to everything we do. With b+s Connects, we provide powerful, transparent integrations for Cisco Contact Center to the most popular CRMs and enterprise applications on the market.


Salesforce Integration

MS Dynamics Integration

Oracle SC Integration

Siebel Integration

SAP Integration

ServiceNow Integration

Zendesk Integration

Epic Integration

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Delight Customers

Getting it right the first time is priceless. Because customers come first, ensuring technology empowers business to be responsive to customers will mean so much to them in the long run.

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Drive Efficiency

The customer is king. At the end of the day, though, you are running a business. Working fast, effective, and smart are key principles to follow when implementing new technology.

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Provide Proactive Service

Being on time is being late. Today’s customers expect service before they need it. Crystal balls are hard to come by: make anticipating customer needs a priority by obtaining the right solutions. 

It's All About the Experience

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Account / Contact Pop-Up

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Interaction Logging

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Data Preview in Gadget

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Supervisor Controls & Views

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Pre-built Toolbars

What b+s Connects can offer your business

Foto Agent


Help them help you

Tools they need to provide a superior customer experience

Foto Supervisor


Remove the guesswork

Reports and data that facilitate optimization

Foto Administrator


Streamline their decision making

Easy-to-implement software, freeing IT to innovate rather than just support

The Customer Journey as it should be

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Connect to customers in a whole new way

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Provide hassle-free customer service by streamlining agent workflow

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Deliver the kind of service customers now expect

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Any Channel

Put customers in charge of how and when they connect

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Responding to customers before they know they need help is gold


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