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Implement solutions that make it possible to provide the kind of customer service experience today’s consumers expect. Integrate SAP with Cisco Contact Center to speed agents’ work by providing them the information they need, when and where they need it. Faster service is better service. Put your agents in a position to get it right the first time, and every time. 

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What’s Under the Hood

Contact centers' communication demands are almost as complex as the technology that service those needs. Explaining what’s at stake and identifying ways to make subtle but essential changes is what we’re all about.

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Feature Set

  • Agent voice state control
  • Call control 
  • Direct / consultative transfer and conference with call attached data for screen pops
  • Call detail logged inside of SAP
  • Optional / auto wrap up and wrap up with reason
  • Click to dial phone numbers in SAP records
  • Support for Cisco Outbound Option
  • Support for Cisco Mobile Agent
  • Agent chat and email state control
  • Utilize Cisco’s Contact Center to route emails, tasks and chats
  • Unified Cisco reporting for multichannel interactions
  • Multichannel interactions control 
  • Multisession interaction handling
  • Reroute multichannel interactions with screen pop


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