Sustainability at Bucher + Suter

Sustainability at Bucher + Suter

Bucher + Suter is committed to proving that every day is an opportunity to be impactful and make a difference!

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b+s PLUS: our commitment to positive change

In 2022, Bucher + Suter launched the b+s PLUS program and committed to the Pledge 1% initiative. In doing so, we’ve pledged to allocate 1% of our working hours towards charitable activities, 1% of our annual profits to commendable causes, and share 1% of our products and services to benefit organizations in need.


Bucher + Suter PLUS Program 


In a nutshell



Our employees use 1% of their working time for charitable activities.



The company donates 1% of its annual profits to good causes.



We agree to share 1% of our products, services and assets with those who can benefit.

The b+s Plus program brings awareness to the importance of giving back and makes it easy for us to work as a group to make a difference in our communities.

Amy Gibbons, Customer Success Manager, Bucher + Suter

How we strive to meet our ESG goals

In-office optimized energy usage

Focus on employee welfare

Strict data security policy

Reuse and recycling of retired devices

Ergonomic workspace design

Pursuit of certifications

Resource-efficient work

Consistent opportunities for further development

Zero-tolerance approach to rights abuses

ESG Practices


Bucher + Suter’s recently renovated offices adhere to the latest ecological standards. Additionally, the company prioritizes resource conservation, minimizes consumption, and opts for sustainable materials in promotional gifts.


Bucher + Suter champions a culture of diversity and openness across all hierarchies, putting people—both customers and employees—at the forefront. This commitment has driven the development of holistic strategies for collaboration.

Corporate Governance

Bucher + Suter strictly opposes discrimination and abuse of power, and takes decisive actions against any such incidents. Upholding fairness throughout the organization and fostering a culture of genuine partnership are among our paramount values.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ecovadis Silver Susatainability Award

Ecovadis Silver Susatainability Award

Recognition for our commitment to sustainability

In 2023, Bucher + Suter received the “Silver Label” from EcoVadis, a leading provider of sustainability ratings. The EcoVadis awards system is based on 21 internationally recognized CSR standards and grades companies along their entire value chain. This award highlights Bucher + Suter’s determined sustainability strategy and its positive impact in Switzerland.


Learn more about certifications

Taking action for a better future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Aligned with the SDG objectives

Aligned with the SDG objectives

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a global blueprint to eradicate poverty, safeguard our planet, and foster peace and prosperity for all. Adopted in 2015 by all United Nations member states as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, these goals guide transformative action. While Bucher + Suter supports the entirety of the SDGs (see below for how are volunteer activities have aligned with other SDGs), our efforts primarily resonate with four distinct goals, making tangible impacts in the following areas.

Read more about the 17 Goals here

Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Recognizing the significance of our employees’ health and welfare, we have country-specific health programs and consistently adhere to safety and well-being standards.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Committed to fostering diversity, Bucher + Suter practices gender-inclusive hiring and promotions, coupled with a stringent anti-discrimination stance.

Goal 4: Quality Education

Our financial backing of the Noser Young apprentice program has facilitated advanced education for numerous apprentices.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Globally, Bucher + Suter is steadfast in offering fair wages, safeguarding labor rights, and ensuring job security for all team members.

Our staff in action

Building bridges and bonds

Building bridges and bonds

Bucher + Suter employees stepped out of the office for a fun-filled VTO-day, breathing new life into a Swiss hiking trail. Amidst laughter and teamwork, they built a rustic bridge and revamped stairs, turning a routine workday into a memorable adventure.

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A technical challenge

A technical challenge

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, the Bucher + Suter team used a particular Sunday to make a big difference! During Cisco Live, they built bikes for kids at the Stupak Community Center and lent a hand at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. It was a day of dedication and compassion that highlights the power of teamwork and engagement.

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For the pleasure of the little ones

For the pleasure of the little ones

The Bucher + Suter team helped build walls at the Drachenberg adventure park run by the Sterntaler association in Bensheim. The park, inspired by legends of knights and dragons, promotes learning through experience for regional youth. Despite the rain and cold, the team showed dedication. A day out of the office, full of effort and fun!

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The marketing team in the mountains

The marketing team in the mountains

The Bucher + Suter marketing team recently swapped their office chairs for shovels in the Swiss Alps. Between cow dung and mountain panoramas, the team experienced unexpected challenges and moments of wonder. An impressive experience that resonates.

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AMY GIBBONS, Customer Success Manager at Bucher + Suter

The b+s PLUS program makes us aware of the importance of giving back and allows us to work together as a group to make a difference in society and in our own hearts.

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