Agent Desktop of Your Choice

Offer your employees optimal working conditions with the Agent Desktop of their choice.

n today's business environment, customer service staff can expect to have direct access to all necessary information, tools and processes during customer contact. With our flexible contact center solution, we offer two different options to help your employees work optimally.

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Fusion for Cisco Finesse

A web-based agent desktop that adapts to your needs.

From the web browser, the employee has access to all functions for call acceptance or for mail, chat and contact processing. Flexibly integrate data from other systems and links to any other applications into the desktop. Flexible statistics and wallboard functions provide an overview of the team status. There are no limits to your optimization!

CRM Connectors

Salesforce, Service Cloud Voice, Dynamics, ServiceNow …

Connectors for call and contact processing directly in the CRM system

For organizations that, as part of a clear CRM strategy, decide to process all contact transactions directly within the CRM system, we offer the right solutions with our market-leading CRM Connectors for Cisco Contact Centers: Your employees get full call control, chat and mail functionality as well as information on team statistics directly within the CRM system and benefit from a wide range of additional functions without having to change another application.

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Especially globally operating companies benefit from our comprehensive functions for organization and rights management, the flexible role and authorization concept as well as the multilingualism also in the management of announcements. For example, our smart time zone management takes into account different time zones of callers, agents and supervisors.

Thorsten Schneider, Senior Consultant, Bucher + Suter

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